Friday, August 17, 2012

Man Parts

At different points in my older boys' toddlerhood, young boyhood they have noticed their penises...they grow at times, their mommy doesn't have one, etc.  The latest funny stories regarding this lovely topic....YEA me, I have the horror pleasure of being the only female in my home so I live among 4 of those male parts...involves (1) Evan's daddy and (2) a sculpture at the Birmingham Museum of Art.  A few weeks ago, Evan walked into the bathroom while Chris was peeing.  Evan looks down at Chris and says: "Daddy, when I grow up I am going to have a big penis like you."  Of course, Chris thought this was great!  : )

Yesterday we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art in the ArtVenture is a fun, free kids' area that we have just learned about and LOVED.  After enjoying the kid section we decided to tour a couple of the exhibits with the kiddos, including the sculpture garden.  As we were in the sculpture garden, we came across a sculpture of a naked man and Evan walked about to him and grabbed his man parts and said "penis, mommy.  that is his penis."  Then he walked around to the back of him and said "there is his bottom, mommy."  Yes, Evan, that man has a penis and a bottom....just like most men....WOW!  I wonder how long I will experience the joy of living with 4 males and their obession awareness of their - and other's - male parts.

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Laura D said...

Can't stop laughing!! Evan is such a cutie pie!!! Right to the point! Gotta love him!