Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho it is off to school we go....

Brady starts 1st grade tomorrow...which is hard to believe.  He is ready and, after three months of feeling like a Cruise Director in charge of entertaining three young boys, I am ready.  A couple of weekends ago we took the two older boys school shopping.  With the mounds of clothes our friends have blessed us with, we only needed to purchase tennis shoes for the boys.  It was so fun to take Evan school shopping for the first time.  It was evident while oberving him that Evan felt so proud and so big to be shopping for school, just like his big brother, Brady.  We ended up finding matching Nike running shoes in both of the boys' sizes.  Evan will start preschool the Wednesday after Labor Day and go Tues, Wed, Thurs.  He seems ready to start this part of his life.  Every time we drive by Hunter Street Baptist Church - where he will attend preschool - he points to the church and says: "that's my preschool."

just bought our Nikes at Kohl's

After shoe shopping, we headed to Target so Evan could pick out his first lunch box for preschool.  He enjoyed scanning the shelves and having a choice as to which lunch box was purchased.  The selection process was very quick.  Once his eyes caught sight of the Thomas lunch box, he was done.  He grabbed it and was very happy with his selection.  I asked him to look at the others too, just in case, but Evan knows what Evan wants.  He insisted on carrying the lunch box himself through the store to check out, out of the store to the van in the shopping bag it was placed in, into the house, and it has resided in his bedroom every since we brought it home.  He LOVES that lunchbox.

Wednesday morning we had "Meet the Teacher" at Bluff Park Elementary.  Brady got Mrs. King, which I continue to hear GREAT things about.  I feel very blessed with this assignment, and Brady is stoked that his best friend and next door neighbor, Grayson Kim, is in his class this year.  I loved seeing his classroom and the way it is all organized, decorated, ready for the kids to show up.  Brady went straight to the class library and flipped through numerous books.  We both had a great first impression of her.  We are looking forward to an AWESOME year with Mrs. King.

Brady & Mrs. King

Chris and I have started a fun tradition with Brady that began when he started preschool...the night before the first day of school we surprise him with fun, new pajamas and a new book to read to him before bed.  This year he got Lego Star Wars pajamas and we read "The Night Before First Grade".  He was pleased with both.

The Night Before First Grade 

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