Monday, August 6, 2012

So big...

or so he thinks.  Maddox wants to do EVERYTHING that his big brothers do.  It is usually very cute and very sweet to watch and be a part of.  Sometimes it is frustrating though as he is only 17 months old so many of the things they are doing, eating, etc. are not what I want him to be doing.  It is funny watching him as he studies - pretty intently - what Brady and Evan are doing, and then promptly following suit. 

One of the things I have always told the older two prior to heading out the door - in an attempt to get us out the door in somewhat of a timely manner - is "stand quietly by the door".  When I do, they line up against the front door, shoes on, water bottles in their hands ready to walk out the door.  The other day I told the boys to "stand quietly by the door".  When I came into the den to get ready to walk out the door, I walked in to see - not just Brady and Evan - but all three of my handsome boys lined up against the door.  Maddox was leaning against the door like such a big boy constantly looking up at Evan and Brady to make sure he was "doing it right".  This did not go unnoticed by Brady and Evan either as they made a point to let me know: "Maddox is standing by the door too!"

As much as I do not want Maddox to become a big boy, he is proving that he is ready and determined to do just that.  It has turned out to be a fun ride for his Mommy as well....

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