Friday, February 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We reluctantly left the hospital on Wednesday, February 9th.  I did not want to leave as it is so nice to just relax holding my sweet baby and rest as much as possible while my nurturing nurses brought me grape juice (I think I drank my weight in it) and changed Maddox's diapers.  It was GREAT!  I was also a little nervous about figuring out the juggling act of being the Mommy to 3 boys.

The other side of me was anxious to get home and be with Brady and Evan for more of the day than we were able to get with them at the hospital.  I missed my big guys and I know they missed Chris and I.

MiMi & Pop Pop drove the van up to the hospital with the bigger boys so we could ride home as a family.  Pop Pop drove the Civic home for us since Chris and I arrived at the hospital separately on the 7th since I did not think I was in labor.  They were very excited to see us and pick us up to take us was a warm welcome!

I dressed Maddox up in his sweet coming home outfit and took a few snapshots and then we headed home. 

We quickly turned around from home and went out for Mexican...Maddox's first outing at 2 days old...yummy Mexican food.  He slept the whole time, having no idea that he was at a restaurant. 

The coolest thing ever....driving home to take our 3rd boy was SNOWING.  It was so pretty.  It was interesting how different it was....with Evan and Brady it was daylight and warm when we brought them home; with Maddox it was snowing and dark.

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Laura D said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family and to have it snow just makes it picture perfect. I love you and hope all is well and that you are adjusting as you hope. I know you are very busy now with Maddox and Brady and Evan so when you have time call me and I will make time for you unless I am on a call. I love you all so very much!!!