Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on Maddox

Dr. Ross came in at 11:25 am to check my progress and I was 4 cm. dilated and completely effaced. He went ahead and broke my water……OWWWW!!!

Once I had my first contraction without my water, I thought I would lose it.  So at 11:45am, the anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural...thank you, Jesus!!!!

So now I am trying to relax and let my body progress...first time doing this without experience...Maddox is coming on his own and 8 days early!

Can't wait to hold him and show him off!


Alli and Korey said...

Praying for you and sweet Maddox! Can't wait to see his sweet face! Glad u got the epidural:)

Keep the updates coming!

Andrea S. said...

Hope everything continues to go smoothly! How cool that he is coming on his own this time! Looking forward to seeing his arrival announcement! :) Ayla was excited when I told her Brady was getting a new brother today! :)