Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcomed with Love!

Maddox entered this world at 3:17 p.m. and was welcomed with love by friends and family pretty soon after.  Brittney was on her way to the hospital as I was pushing.  She had packed her school work thinking she would get some things done with she waited in the waiting room for Maddox's arrival.  She was sitting there for about 5 minutes when Chris came to get her...."Do you want to meet Maddox?"  She could not believe he was here that quickly.  She gave us the best gift...her photography skills.  She came into the labor and delivery room so that she could meet Maddox and capture his first moments in this world.  This is truly a gift! 

While we were getting changed and Maddox was going through his tests, Nicole Sanders came by to say hello and visit me while I was laboring.  She happened to have her own appointment that day so was there anyway.  When she found out I was having Maddox a day early and she was going to be at Brookwood anyway for her ultrasound appointment, she said she would stop by if I was okay with it.  I told her we were in labor & delivery room 8 so swing on by.  She came by the room and knocked but because of security reasons right at that moment, the nurse said she couldn't come in just yet.  We talked a little through the open door and she was wondering if it was almost time for me to start pushing.  When I told her he was already here, she could not believe it.  He was born so quickly.  She made plans to come back the next evening to meet him and visit with us.  She caught a quick glimpse of him through the door in Chris' arms.

A couple of hours later we were upstairs in our post partum room and Chris left to pick up his parents and Brady & Evan to come to the hospital to meet Maddox.  We were very excited to introduce Maddox to his big brothers.  They came in the room very excited to see him.  Evan kept reaching out to him "Baby", "Baby" and patting his legs and wanting to pat his face.  Brady wanted to hold him and know all about him.  It was very sweet.  Maddox had big brother gifts for both his big brothers; toy story toys.  They were very excited to get these new toys and they came in with a sweet monkey lovey for Maddox.  It was a real sweet time to see the boys all together.

The only time Evan got upset was when Brady sat in the chair to hold Maddox.  Evan started crying and leaning in toward his Daddy.  We were not sure if he was jealous or what was upsetting him.  I then realized he wanted to be a big brother and hold Maddox just like Brady was.  I told Chris to put him in the chair next to Brady so he could "hold" Maddox too.  Once he put Evan in the chair he got very happy and started smiling and you could see the pride he had in being a big brother.  It was AWESOME!!! priceless!

So much love for such a little guy on his first day of life!  I know I could not possibly love him more...I think the rest of his family feels the same way!

MiMi & Pop Pop were just excited to meet him and love on him - their 8th grandchild - as I have seen them with all the others.


Laura D said...

What a beautiful FAMILY!!! Katrina I could not be happier for you and the boys, and when I say boys I mean all 4 of them. They are truely blessed to have you as their Mommy and Chris as their daddy. I cannot wait to meet your new additions... What great pictures!! I love you all!!!

Ben said...

Chris and Katrina. What a great blessing. I know ya'll are tired. Liam and Owen can't wait to meet another Stid.

Love you Guys,

Ben, Tara, Liam & Owen