Monday, February 7, 2011

He's Coming!!!!!

7:30 am I headed into the hospital to go to my doctor’s office to be checked since I had lots of cramping and contractions yesterday. I was awake and calling the doctor’s office early this morning, at about 4am. My doctor, Dr. Adcock was on call over the weekend so he is who I spoke with and he told me to come in to be checked and if the contractions got stronger or closer together to go ahead and come in.

I saw Dr. Ross as Dr. Adcock’s call schedule ended at 7am. He checked me, all the while I was having contractions. I was 3 cm. dilated, completely thinned out, and he told me to head downstairs to Labor & Delivery as I was going to be having a baby today rather than tomorrow.

WHAT???? I called my in-laws who were loading up their car to head to Birmingham to sit with our boys to tell them to get on the road NOW rather than later as Maddox was going to come today.

I then immediately called Chris to tell him “I am not coming home”. He definitely was in shock to hear that. We then had to scramble for childcare…who is going to sit with the boys until MiMi & PopPop arrive? I called Brittney at Samford who was more than willing to come to the house but she does not own a car. Chris’ car only had the carseat for Evan in it, not a booster seat for Brady so he was unable to leave the house to go pick her up. She was scrambling to get friends on the phone to borrow a car while I tried to call neighbors who could run to Samford to pick her up for us. She finally got in touch with a friend who let her borrow her car so she could come to my house to stay with Evan and Brady.


So I then felt like I could head to Labor & Delivery as Brady and Evan were going to be taken care of and Chris was going to be able to join me in welcoming Maddox to the world.

I headed to L&D and was welcomed warmly as they were expecting me. I was taken to L&D room 8 and made to quickly change into my gown. That was at 8:50 am. I was hooked up to an IV and monitor by 9am. My contractions were monitored at 5-6 minutes a part. Nurse Joan (who was my nurse when Evan was born) told me that Dr. Ross wanted to come and break my water after we had my IV all hooked up. I asked her if he would wait until my husband got here as I did not want to do this alone. She said she would wait to call him until Chris got here. Chris arrived at about 9:45am. We were informed that there is an emergency going on so Dr. Ross has not been in to see me or break my water yet.  We also got a new nurse with this change, Mary Lee.

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Linh C. said...

You're blogging??? You are a brave woman! Can't wait to hear the good news. :)