Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Boy Bed

I need to post pics soon but today was the day...Brady moved into his big boy room today. We have been working on it for some time. He moved into our room and we moved into the bedroom downstairs so it was a lot of rearranging, we had to paint, wait for everything to come in - as we purchased everything for it off of the internet, and then Chris had to put his big boy bed (a twin over full bunk bed) together. It all came together nicely today. It actually looks as I hoped that it would, which makes me very happy. It is UGA themed! I took tonight off of work to be there for the big transition and to support Chris if there was any major issues. It - so far (it is only 10:35pm here) - is going GREAT! He was all cute laying in his big full bed after being in a crib while Daddy read his night night story. He called for his Daddy twice but seemed fine and then finally went to sleep...anxious to see how the morning goes. He has been very excited about his new room and talking about it often as he has watched it come together. Another big boy step....growing up too fast!

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