Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Sweetest Things

So of course I think Brady says the cutest things because he is my child but it is really hard for me to think that I would not think the following is cute from any child.

A week or so ago I had to spank Brady and while we were having our chat after I was telling him how sad it makes me to have to spank him so I told him it hurt my heart..he looked at me all seriously: "Does it hurt Evan?" through his little tears.

On Monday we were at a consignment sale and Brady walked up to a little baby in an infant carrier sitting on the floor. He said "Hi Baby. We are having a baby too. His name is Evan." Then he looked up at me and said "Mommy this baby is so cute."

So same consignment sale, we are walking out and as we are leaving Brady calls out: "Bye everyone" to the room full of women trying to find great deals.

A few weeks back we are at an appointment to check on Evan and we have an ultrasound. Brady is watching the large flat screen on the wall to look at his baby brother. Among all the sweet things that he said, the one I love: "I want to touch Evan, Mommy. I want to hold him."

Too Precious!

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