Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"I will be right there and I will help you"

So this morning my sweet baby boy overheard a conversation between his Daddy and I. I had mentioned to Chris that my stomach was hurting. He, of course concerned, asked if it was like baby pain. I said that it was more like an upset stomach pain. Freshly awoken little ears were sitting on the potty in his bathroom - flipping through a book. He yelled: "Mommy, you are upset?" I said: "No, baby, I am fine. My stomach is just hurting a little bit." He said: "Okay, Mommy. I will be right there when I am done and I will help you." What a sweet little boy GOD has chosen to share with me!

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Laura D said...

Awe!! I so look forward to hearing his stories of love for you guys. He is such a precious, precious gem......