Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Dear Husband

A couple of weeks ago, Beatrice Stidham/Grandma Stidham/Big Granny left this earth to spend eternity with Jesus and reunite with her husband who had gone on before her many years ago. Bob Stidham/Pop Pop was her only child. It was difficult for him to let go of the only remaining member of his immediate family as he had already lost his Dad and does not have any siblings. He asked his children to speak on behalf of the family about how wonderful, how strong, and how loved Grandma Stidham was. Jeff and Missy did not feel they could do it. This left the baby of the family, my sweet husband, Chris. He, of course, could not let his Dad down - he admires and loves his Dad very much. So he said he would be honored to do it.

He was nervous leading up to it....this is a big job...speaking about your deceased loved one to a room full of people. I think he was nervous mostly because he wanted to do a good job for many reasons - all of which were completely selfless: (1) he wanted to make his Dad proud and to feel like he did for his Dad what he felt he himself was emotionally unable to do (2) he wanted everyone to know and love his Grandma Stidham the way he and the rest of the family did when they walked out of the ceremony (3) he wanted to represent her so perfectly and mention all those who loved her and what they would want everyone to know about her (4) he wanted to keep his emotions in check so he could get through it without breaking to the point of being inaudible. He achieved this and much more! He talked about her with such love and personality, it was very touching. I learned things about her I did not know. I felt the love each of her family members had for her. I laughed at cute stories about her. I felt Bob's pride and love for both is mother who he was so devoted to and his son who is so devoted to him. I fell in love with my husband again! He was so touching, so strong, so dependable! I knew these things about him from our 6 years of marriage but to have a visual reminder like this from time to time is a gift from GOD. I love you, Bunkie! What a rock!

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Laura D said...

my cup runneth over.... I am crying as I write this as you do have a very special man there. You both our loved so very much, and I respect Chris so very much for his courage and strength through this and all the rest of the turmoils you both have been through. You are both blessed, so blessed. I am happy I am a part of your lives as I feel better because of it. I love you Christopher and Katrina Stidham and that little man of yours and Evan. Grandma Stidham is so proud of her boys :-) Love You!!!