Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Big Brother

Today Chris, Brady, and I registered at Babies R Us. My dearest friends, Kerry and Deana, are hosting a Sprinkle for Evan. Brady was so helpful and sweet shooting everything with the scanning gun. Later in the day, after nap, Brady and Daddy are playing GeoTrax in the basement when I hear Brady coming up the stairs with a small photo album saying he needed to get stuff for Evan. He proceeds to have Chris follow him from room to room as he looks through his "growth chart" (the small photo album) to "see what Evan needs". He grabs stuff from his nursery, from his big boy room, from his playroom, the kitchen, etc. and piles all of these items on the couch for Evan. He was so determined, so focused, and spent a LONG time preparing all the things Evan needs. How blessed is Evan to have such a helpful big brother!

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