Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I did it...I got a minivan and I am SOOOOO EXCITED that I can hardly stand it. Although I am also nervous...we haven't had a car payment in more than 5 years. It was time...we had to sell the Jetta while we could still get money out of it AND we needed to stop putting money into it! We sold it last Friday night and found a GREAT deal - I have been researching vans FOREVER - on a Honda Odyssey on Monday and purchased it last night at about 6pm, just in time for me to ride off into the work!

So today at Kid's Gym during Brady's little gym class one of the mom's said "oh, so you are a Hodyssey now?" I had never heard that term but it made me laugh. If that at all indicates that I am a hottie, I will take it : ) I have wanted an Odyssey since Brady was Evan's age so I am thankful the time has come.

So many changes coming together here all at once for us...Chris is celebrating 4 months at ADT tomorrow, last Friday the refinance on our house closed, last Friday night we sold the Jetta, last night we bought the Odyssey, and today my baby boy moved into his big boy room.....and in 10 weeks we are expecting Evan James......WOW! So much so quickly...some of which I honestly have to admit at times I thought would never happen!

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