Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evan at 21 months old

I have been working on this entry for a few weeks now...making sure I capture it all.  Hopefully I do.  This 21st month has been quite full!

Evan is sooo much fun.  He cracks us up...and he knows it!  He turned 21 months old on the 12th of February.  He has really expanded his vocabulary in the past month as well.  He has added (I am sure I will forget some of them here): Pop Pop (Chris' Dad), Buss (Buzz from Toy Story), dane choo (thank you), i d'no (I don't know...which is ALWAYS followed by a laugh), shoes, socks, choo choo, see see (as he is pointing at something he wants you to see), otto (for Lotso from Toy Story 3), eye-eee-ah (for Olivia when the cartoon comes on Saturday mornings and he and Brady are soooo excited), nose, eye, wi-eee (for his little Winnie the pooh bear)

He RUNS everywhere...never walks anymore.  When he is disciplined and we get on to him for something, his immediate reaction is to reach out and hug it is his way of saying "sorry". 

He is very into "helping" with Maddox and being a big brother.  He brings Maddox his paci, he brings his blanket, he "swings" his swing for him, he squats down in front of him in the bouncy seat, swing, etc. to check on is very endearing.

He has started sitting on his little potty before bath, just to try it out and get comfortable with the idea and start to incorporate it into his routine so it is not foreign or scary when we get ready to really work on it.  He is so cute and eager to sit on the potty and be a big boy.  He has not done anything on it yet...he sits on it, smiles big (like "aren't you proud?") and then hops up to get in the bathtub...not quite getting the fact that you are supposed to do something while you are there.

He is so full of life, love, and energy.  I LOVE it!

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Laura D said...

What a precious little guy!!! I can't wait to see him. I love you all so much. Hope you are feeling good and Maddox is doing well. Give the boys a big kiss frim Aunt Laurie.

Love you!!