Monday, March 21, 2011

The End of an Era

I had a moment at Babies R Us the other day.  It was a small moment but big in what it represented.  I hurried into Babies R Us while Chris and the boys were in the van.  They were having a GREAT diaper deal that I could not pass on, so I ran it to grab two boxes of diapers for Maddox.  Walking to the back of the store, I passed through the clothes.  I have been keeping my eyes open for coordinating Easter outfits for the boys.  As I passed some things I looked and had my MOMENT...the sizes stop at 4T!!!  Brady will be 5 on May 30th but he has been wearing (and in some things, outgrowing) size 5 for a while.  The realization I had in that moment....that just kinda snuck up on me in a weird that I can no longer shop for my baby big boy at Babies R Us.  It just hit me - BAM - unexpectedly, unprepared - in the retail world, at least - he is no longer a baby!

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