Thursday, March 31, 2011

PEE PEE in the Potty!

Evan went pee pee on the big potty yesterday for the first time.  I am so excited!  We are not really potty training right now but we sit him on the potty before bath and sometimes before nap.  He seems to prefer the big potty with the Cars movie seat on top of it versus the little potty.  I sat him on the Cars potty seat yesterday before his nap and then went into his room to get his clothes ready for his nap.  Then I heard the sound of liquid hitting liquid and ran in there to find him sitting there with a wide-eyed surprised look on his face.  It was obvious what his thoughts were: "What am I doing?  What is this?" I was so excited and of course made a big deal about it, had Brady make a big deal about it, had Evan call Daddy at work about it and gave Evan a little candy.  He was excited.  It was very cute.  We will see where this leads as I do not think he is really ready for full on potty training...nor am I with a six week old : )

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