Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 months from 2 years!!

Evan is 22 months old!!! What a doll we have!  What a true gift!  He is a GREAT big brother...not a single moment of jealousy toward his little brother yet....hopefully it stays that way : ) 

He is continually adding to his vocabulary: Poppy (my dad),     He continually says bee bee (baby) in reference to his baby brother, Maddox.  He says: "hahiday" (holiday...a word Brady taught him).  He is at the point where he will repeat most words you ask him to repeat.  When Brady says: "Evan, say holiday" - or whatever word it may be - he always tries it...very cute.

He still enjoys anything related to sports/balls and Toy Story.

He met his Aunt Staci for the first time this past month and warmed up to her very quickly.  He enjoyed playing with her and hanging out with her a lot!

He is very defensive toward his big brother, Brady.  Whenever Brady is misbehaving and Chris or I have to get onto him, Evan looks at us and sternly says "NO" and sometimes even gives us the hitting gesture.  I think he actually wants to whack us for it!

A week or two ago we were getting ready to pray before dinner and I asked him: "Are you ready to pray?" and I bowed my head...Brady usually prays before our meals....when we bowed our heads, Evan started right was in tongues of course so we were not quite sure what he said but he was into it and then at the end he said: "aymeh".  I loved it!

It is very hard for me to believe that he is going to be 2 years old in just 2 short months...I have already planned his birthday did it get here so quickly?

22 months on March 12th...WOW!!! That sure snuck up on me!

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