Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Field Trip

Brady went on his first field trip with school today.  I was nervous about sending him off with other mothers without me.  I have not let him ride off with anyone else yet so I was a little nervous for him to ride on the interstate without me.  While helping him with his shoes this morning I told him a few little "rules" to make sure he will be safe...regarding his booster seat, seat belt, using the restroom at California Pizza Kitchen (where his field trip was) by himself, etc.  He was listening well to me and then as he hopped up to head toward the door, he said "thanks, mom, for the rules.  On my next field trip you can come and watch on me."  He is such a sweet young guy!  He had a GREAT first field trip...touring the restaurant, making his own pizza, and, of course, enjoying the tasty food.  I am excited for the next field trip when I get to tag along as a chaperone.

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Linh C. said...

Aww, what a thoughtful little dude!