Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recent Quotes

As Brady is scratching his leg...Mommy: "You got a bug bite on your leg, bud. It looks like a mosquito bit you." Brady: "Yeah, a mosquito, or an ant, or a bumblebee, or a caterpillar, or a dragonfly, or a snake."

I went downstairs to my bedroom to get dressed and came back up. Brady heard me come up the stairs. Brady: "Mommy are you dressed now?" Mommy: "Yes, I am dressed, bud." Brady: "Let me see you" (from the playroom) I walked in the playroom. Brady: "You did get dressed, Mommy." Mommy: "Yes, I did, buddy." Brady: "Wow, Mommy, you look pretty."

After we went down to the basement on Sunday because of tornadoes in our area, Brady kept asking when the "tomato" was going to leave our house and go to someone else's house.

Brady looks at me in his bedroom right before nap and says: "Mommy, I am ready for Evan to be born. I want to hold him."

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