Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet, sweet boy!

Tuesday night Chris had a softball game so it was my first night by myself with both boys. In the evening before bed Brady gets to watch one of his recorded 30 minute shows if he is a good boy for the day...a treat he looks forward to. So I am sitting in the chair and a half nursing Evan and Brady is sitting across from us on the couch watching his show, by himself...usually Daddy would be sitting there with him. So I look over at my sweet little boy sitting on the big couch all by himself watching The Little Einsteins and ask him if he wants to come sit in the chair and a half with Evan and I. He jumps up, all excited, "yeah, yeah, yeah, Mommy, I can sit with you and Evan." He came across the den and jumped up in the chair with us so happy. He was loving on Evan and then laid his head on the Boppy while watching his show. I rubbed on his back and he said: "Mommy, that tickles me." I said: "I am sorry, baby." He said: "That's okay, were just loving on me." Oh, how I love that little boy! My heart was so full while sitting there cuddling in the chair and a half with both of my boys.

When the show was over and it was time for Brady to go to bed he asked if Evan could come too so he could hear the story.

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