Friday, May 1, 2009

So we have been pretty hyper-focused on ghosts and monsters at our house for the last month or so...not quite sure why but this morning as Brady is playing independently in the house he came up to me and said - what he so often says: "Are there no ghosts and no monsters, Mommy?" I said - what I always say - "Of course there are no ghosts and no monsters; they are just pretend." "Do you want to pray with Mommy about it?" Brady: "Oh, yes, yes I do." So I prayed with him to GOD to help him not be scared and to know GOD is always with him. After our prayer, he looked up at me and said: "Thank you, Mommy, for praying with me. I feel ALL better now."

Today as we are getting out of the van at Whole Foods for story and craft time, I asked Brady if he needed to go potty before we got started. He said "No Mommy. All of my pee pee is hanging out all together inside of my penis and it is not ready to come out." VERY matter-of-fact like. I just said: "okay, Buddy, just let me know when you it is ready to come out."

So this afternoon as my little guy is sitting on the potty, I realize his toenails need to be clipped so I decide to do it then while he is seated and still. As I am finishing up, he says: "Thank you, Mommy for clipping my nails. Thank you VERY much." So sweet, so appreciative.

We are in the yard working and as I am pulling out grass from our rose bed, Brady is picking up the piles and putting them in the trash bag. He starts saying "thank you, ma'am." with each pile he scoops up and puts in the bag. He then looks at me and says: "Mommy, you did a good job. Thank you for helping me in the yard." So sweet, especially since he was the one helping me in the yard.

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Laura D said...

He is just SO Precious!!!!!! I love the one where he is such a big boy and telling you about his pee-pee hanging out. I got such a chuckle out of the one. He really is such an adorable little man. You have done a really phenominal job with him. You and Chris both are such great parents!! He is just a cutie pie :-) give him a big SQEEZE and hug for me. I love you!!