Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My best big brother and my beautiful brand new boy

So Evan was released from the NICU on Friday at about 5:30 p.m. FINALLY!! He left with a perfectly clean bill of health....PRAISE GOD!!! I was a little insane - had not really seen the sun or took a breath of fresh air since early Tuesday morning when the sun was barely up - but nonetheless, doing pretty well. Brady was VERY excited to come up to the hospital with Daddy to pick up his new baby brother and his Mommy. He rode in on his new Sit N Stand stroller excited about Evan riding with him.

Things at home are going well....MUCH better and EASIER than the first go round. I physically feel EXTREMELY better than I did after giving birth to Brady. Emotionally, so far so good....which is the biggest answer to prayer and I pray continues. My emotional well being suffered greatly after Brady and was something that I didn't completely realize the extent of until after I was out of it (about 7 months).

Brady is adjusting wonderfully. His only issue initially was whether Chris and/or I would be here when he went to bed at night and when he woke up - after about a week of other folks being here. He was a little clingy and insecure but seems to be past that now that things are back to "normal" - our "new normal". He adores Evan and is passionate about helping . If Evan gets upset he runs to check on him and pat him and love on him. He loves putting Evan's dirty laundry into his hamper, asks to hold him (so thankful that he asks), he kisses him, always wants to know where he is, how he is, etc. I cherish watching this bond develop. He seems SO BIG to me all of a sudden. I guess now with a little one at home, I realize how big he is. SO BIG!! I pick him up now or kiss his face and just think "you are so big" He will always be MY baby but nonetheless, with a comparison, I realize just how much he has grown!

Some Brady-isms:

Daddy: "Brady do you want a haircut like Daddy's?" (a crew cut) Brady: "Sure, I would not have any hair - like Poppy" (my Dad) who is in fact bald (balding so goes ahead and shaves it). Mommy: "That is right, Brady, Poppy does not have any hair." Brady: "Well, he has like 4 hairs, just 4." So funny!!!

In the hospital, while Evan is nursing...Brady's first time seeing this..I am pretty well covered. Brady: "What is Evan doing?" Daddy: "Evan is eating." Brady: "What is Evan eating?" "His fingers?" Mommy: "No, baby, he is not eating his fingers. He is eating baby milk." Brady: "Oh, I want to see." So precious!

We are all amazed how much Evan looks like Brady. I don't think I realized it right off the bat because he doesn't look like Brady does now but Brady does not look like he did when he was born either. He has changed so much. When we got home on Friday I pulled out Brady's scrapbook and looked at his birth pics and coming home pics and sure enough...WOW...the resemblance is amazing! I am going to post both a pic of Evan and a pic of Brady later to have them beside one another.

My heart is full...I am enjoying this new precious gift, I am cherishing my big boy as he grows up so fast in front of my eyes, and I am madly in love with my biggest boy who I appreciate immensely!! I am thankful for answered prayer. I am thankful for help and support from family and friends. I am thankful to the LORD for not giving me more than I can handle!

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