Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry for the delay...Kat hasn't had a chance to update the blog so she has asked me to do it. Evan is doing really well...he's still in NICU, but has been able to spend much of the day with us in the room which has been awesome and he has been eating like a champ.....that's the good news....the bad news is that they are going to keep him until Friday. Brookwood has a hotel attached to the hospital so we are going to get a room there tonight so we can spend time with him down in the NICU and Kat can feed's not ideal, but it is better than going home without him.

Katrina is doing great and this has been much, much easier than when Brady was born...she's healing well and under the circumstances she's solid emotionally.

My parents have been a huge help with Brady and other things and we can't really begin to express our thankfulness for that.

Big brother has been tremendous....he is always ready to see Evan and is ready to hold and help him all the time....he's the best.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....we really appreciate all the support that we have gotten from people that love us.


nlsanders said...

So glad you guys are doing so well and Evan has been able to spend time with you in your room. Hopefully by tomorrow you will be home with both your boys!!!

Heather H said...

hope you guys are well! let us know!